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In this index all the persons, mentioned on the site, with the appropriate links to pictures or to notes, are indexed in alphabetical order.

        Abaz, A. A.
        Abel, Carl Friedrich
        Acciaiuoli, Niccolò
        Adorno, Paola, Marchesa Brinole-Sale
        D'Aguesseau, Mme
        Aivazovsky, Ivan
        Akhmatova, Anna || (2) || (3) || (4) || (5) || (6) ||
        Akimov, Maria
        Akulov, Prokofy
        Alba, Duchess of || (2) ||
        Alba, Duke of
        Albergati, Cardinal Nicola
        Albert, Prince Consort  || (2) || (3) || (4) || (5) ||
        Albrecht of Brandenburg, Cardinal  ||   (2)
        Albrekht, K. I.
        Alekseev, Fedor
        Alexander I
        Alexander II
        Alexander, Cicely
        Alexandra Pavlovna, Grand Duchess
        Alexandre, Paul
        Alexey Petrovich, Tsarevch
        Alexis, Paul
        Alma-Tadema, Sir Lawrence
        Alston, Lady
        Altdorfer, Albrecht
        Altman, Nathan
        Altoviti, Bindo
        Alyabyeva, Olga
        Alymova, G. I.
        Amerbach, Bonifacius
        Anderson, David
        Andover, Dorothy Viscountess
        Andrade-i-la Col,  Andres de
        Andreev, Leonid || (2)
        Andreeva, Maria
        Andrews, Robert & Frances
        Angelico, Fra
        d'Angély, Count Reynault de Saint Jean
        d'Angély, Countess Reynault de Saint Jean
        d'Angouleme, Duchess
        Angrand, Charles
        Anna Petrovna, Tsarevna
        Anne of Cleves
        Anslo, Cornelius Claeszoon
        Anthony of Burgundy
        Antokolsky, Mark || (2) ||
        Antonello da Messina
        Antropov, Aleksey
        Apraksin, Count Fedor
        Apraksina, Sofia
        Arcimboldo, Giuseppe
        Aretino, Pietro
        d'Argout, Count Antoine-Maurice-Apollinaire
        Argyll, Archibald Campbell, 3rd Duke of
        Arkharova, Ye. A.
        Arnolfini, Giovanni
        Arnold, George
        Arp, Jean (Hans)
        Arsenyeva, E. N.
        Artsybushev, K.
        Arundel, Thomas Howard, 2nd Earl of
        Arundel, Alathea Howard, Countess of
        Ascani, Francesco
        Asensio, Julio
        Asselin, Jan
        Astor, Lady
        Aubigny, Lady d'
        Augustus of Saxony, Elector
        Avalos, Alfonso di'
        Avdulina, E. S
        Azaretti, Ioann

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