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Paul CÚzanne. Paul Alexis Reading to Emile Zola. c.1869-70. Oil on canvas. Museu de Arte de Sao Paolo Assis Chateaubriand, Sao Paolo, Brazil. More. [Order a Print][Order a Hand-Painted Reproduction]

Paul CÚzanne. Paul Alexis Reading to Emile Zola.

Alexis, Paul (1847-1901) writer and art critic, early friend of Zola and Cézanne. Born in Aix-en-Provence, moved to Paris in 1869, where his friends introduced him into Impressionist circles. Became an impassioned defender of the Impressionist view of art, which he linked to realism in literature. He was a second at the duel between Manet and Duranty. His portrait was painted by Cézanne, Seurat and Zandomeneghi.

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