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        Fabritius, Carel
        Falcucci, Anne Maria
        Fantin-Latour, Henri
        Farinata degli Uberti
        Farnese, Cardinal Alessandro
        Farnese, Ranuccio
        Fénéon, Félix || (2) || (3) ||
        Ferdinand-Philippe, Duke of Orleans
        Fedotov, Pavel
        Fedotova, Glikeria
        Ferdinand IV, King  of Naples
        Ferdinand VII, King of Spain
        Fermor, Sarah Eleanor
        Fermor, William George
        Fermor, Count William W.
        Ferzen, O. P.
        Fet, Afanasy Afanasyevich
        Filippova, O. K.
        Filonov, Pavel
        Finch, Milly
        Fiocre, Mme Eugenie
        Fischer, Johann Christian
        Fitzherbert, Mrs.
        Florenskiy, Pavel
        Floridablanca and Goya, Count of
        Flug, Ye. G.
        Fokin, Mikhail
        Fontebasso, Francesco
        Fonvizin, M. A.
        Ford, Anne
        Fouquet, Jean
        Fourment, Helene || (2) || (3)
        Fourment, Susanna  || (2) ||
        Fournaise, Alphonsine || (2)
        Fra Angelico
        Fra Bartolommeo
        Francis I || (2) || (3)
        Franklin, Maud
        Frederick II the Great || (2) ||
        Frederick the Wise
        Freer, Charles Lang
        Fridrix, Josephina
        Fruchard, Jean-Marie
        Fuente, Mother Jerónima de la
        Fulchiron, Jean-Claude
        Furman, A. F.

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