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Dmitry Levitzky

Portrait of G. I. Alymova.

1775. Oil on canvas. The Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia. Read Note.

Dmitry Levitzky. Portrait of G. I. Alymova.

Alymova, Glafira Ivanovna (1758-1826) daughter of Colonel Ivan Akinfievich Alymov. She studied in the Smolny Institute and graduated with a gold medal; was one of the best harp players of her time. In 1776, she became maid of honor to Catherine II, later lady-in-waiting. Her first husband was A. A. Rzhevsky, author, freemason and vice director of the Academy of Science. Her second husband was I. P. Maskle, translator and later consul of Russia in Nice. She was awarded the Order of St. Catherine. She was buried in the Vagankovsky cemetery in Moscow