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        Igelstrom, I. A.
        Ikskul von Hildenbandt, Baroness Varvara
        Imperiale, Giovanni Vincenzo
        Inghirami, Tommaso
        Ingres, Jean-Auguste-Dominique
        Isabel, Queen
        Innocent X, Pope
        Isabella, Archduchess
        Isabella of Portugal
        Isabey, Jean-Baptiste
        Iselin, Mrs. Adrian
        Ivan IV The Terrible || (2)
        Ivanov, Alexander
        Izmaylova, A. M.

        James II, King of England  ||  (2)
        Janish, K. A.
        Joan of Arc
        John the Constant, Saxon Elector
        Johnstone of Alva, John
        Jordaens, Jacob
        Jovellanos, Gaspar Melchor de
        Julius II, Pope

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