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Orion, a giant, son, by some versions, of Poseidon. He was also, like almost all the giants, said to be a son of Gaia. His legend says that the king of Chios, Oenopion, asked Orion to help and rid his island of the wild beasts. In Chios Orion fell in love with Oenopion’s, daughter, Merope. But Oenopion was against their match. He put out Orion’s eyes, when the latter was asleep. Orion took a child, Cedalion, on his shoulders and asked the boy to lead him in the direction of the rising sun. Immediately Orion’s sight returned. He hurried to take his revenge upon Oenopion but failed, because Hephaestus defended him.
Later Artemis, enraged with Orion for his disrespect, killed him. She set a scorpion on Orion, which bit him in the head. As a reward for the service, the scorpion was changed into a constellation. Orion underwent a similar metamorphosis. That’s why the constellation of Orion is eternally fleeing before the constellation of Scorpio.
See: Nicolas Poussin Landscape with the Blind Orion Looking for Sun.

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