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Narcissus  The best-known version of his legend is as follows. Narcissus, an extremely handsome young man, rejected the love of every girl, who fell in love with him, and they asked gods for vengeance. Once Narcissus bent over a stream to take a drink and saw his own face. He fell in love and indifferent to the world he stayed watching and talking with his own reflection until he died. On the spot where he died grew a flower which was given his name.
See: Karl Brulloff Narcissus,
Caravaggio Narcissus
With the legend of Narcissus one of the variants of Echo’s legend is connected. Hera, once angry with Echo, a Nymph of the trees and springs, deprived her the ability to talk, the Nymph could now only repeat words of the others. Echo fell in love with the beautiful young Narcissus. Though her love was not answered, she followed him everywhere and when he died, she wasted away in sorrow until only her voice, echo, remained, this repeated the last syllables of spoken words.
Nicolas Poussin Echo and Narcissus.

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