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Hera (Juno)

Hera (the Roman equivalent is Juno) the greatest of all the Olympian goddesses, daughter of Cronus and Rhea, hence Zeus’ sister, despite this she became Zeus’ wife and the Queen of Olympus. As the lawfully wedded wife of the first among the gods, Hera was the protecting deity of wives. She was jealous, violent and vindictive, often angry with Zeus. She inflicted her hatred not only on Zeus' mistresses, but on the children he sired upon them. When Heracles returned after he had captured Troy, Hera raised a violent storm against his ship. This displeased Zeus, who hung the goddess from Mount Olympus by her wrists with an anvil fastened to each foot.
See: Correggio The Punishment of Juno.
Rembrandt. Juno.
Paolo Veronese. Juno Bestowing Her Gifts on Venice.

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