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Andromeda, the daughter of  the king of Ethiopia, Cepheus, and Cassiopea, who claimed that her daughter was more beautiful than all the Nereids. In jealousy Nereids asked Poseidon to send a monster to waste Cepheus's kingdom. An oracle foretold that the country would be spared if Andromeda, whose beauty was guilty in their mischief, were given to the monster. The people of Ethiopia forced Cepheus to sacrifice his daughter: she was chained to the rock and waited for the monster to be devoured. There Perseus saw her. Perseus was coming back from his expedition against the Gorgons, with the head of Medusa in his bag. With the help of that head he turned the monster into stone and freed Andromeda. Then he married her and took with him to Argos.
See: Anton Raphael Mengs. Perseus and Andromeda.
Peter Paul Rubens Perseus Liberating Andromeda, Andromeda, Perseus and Andromeda.
Paolo Veronese. Perseus and Andromeda.

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