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Cornelis de Vos Biography

Cornelis de Vos, a Flemish artist, was born in Hulst (Zeeland) c. 1584. Nothing is known about his training and early work; for a time he worked as an art dealer. Vos was the brother-in-law of

Frans Snyders and was accepted as a master in the Antwerp St. Lukas Guild in 1608. In 1635, he worked with Jordaens as assistant to Rubens on the decorations for the reception of Cardinal Ferdinand. From 1636 to 1638 he worked with Rubens on the decoration of the hunting-lodge Dorre de la Parada near Madrid. Vos was primarily a portrait painter in Antwerp society and of family groups. In their restrained elegance and fine observation of character his portraits approach those of van Dyck. Among his best works were those of children, e.g. Magdalena and Jan-Baptist de Vos, which stand out for their freshness naturalness, and alertness of expression and fine coloring. He is also known as the author of some religious and mythological pieces. His younger brother, Paul de Vos (1590-1678) painted animals and hunt scenes.

Cornelis de Vos died in Antwerp in 1651.