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Louise-Elisabeth Vigée-Lebrun

Louise-Elisabeth Vigée-Lebrun Portrait
Louise-Elisabeth Vigée-Lebrun
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Louise-Elisabeth Vigée-Lebrun Biography

Louise-Élisabeth Vigée-Lebrun, French artist, the daughter and student of her father, the artist Louis Vigée, was born on 16th April, 1755 in Paris. In 1776, she married the known art-dealer Jeanne Baptiste Pierre Lebrun. She made an early and brilliant career: in 1779 she officially became a court painter of the Queen Marie-Antoinette, in 1783 she was admitted to the French Academy of Arts. “Intelligent, diplomatic, resourceful, and independent, she remains a role model to women who paint, having won wide recognition for her skills and gained admission to academies long closed to her sex.”

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