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Philip IV, King of Spain

Philip IV (Habsburg) (1605-1665) King of Spain from 1621, son and successor of Philip III. A discerning patron of the arts (particularly of Velazquez), he had no interest in politics and left the administration of government to his favorite minister, Caspar de Guzmán, count-duke of Olivares. His reign saw the continuing decline of Spain as a dominant European power. In 1640, Portugal regained its independence after a revolt; in 1648, Holland was lost in the Treaty of Westphalia; and in 1659 the Treaty of the Pyrenees cost Spain her frontier fortresses in Flanders.

Philip IV was married twice. His first wife was Elizabeth (Isabel) of Bourbon (1602 -1644), princess of France, daughter of King Henry IV of France and Marie de Medici; she married Philip IV in 1615 before he came to the throne. Her betrothal was depicted by Rubens in The Exchange of Princesses. Their 1st child, daughter Maria Theresa (1638-83), was the first wife of Louis XIV of France. His second wife was his own niece, Marianna of Austria, daughter of Philip IV’s sister, Maria Anna and Ferdinand III.

Philip IV was succeeded by his four-year-old son, Charles II, the last of the Habsburgs.

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Prince Baltasar Carlos, Prince of Asturias (1629 – 1646) son of Philip IV and Elizabeth (Isabel).
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Prince Felipe Próspero (1657-1661) son of King Philip IV of Spain and Maria Anna of Austria.
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Infanta Margarita or Margaretha Maria of Austria (1649/51-1673) daughter of King Philip IV and Maria Anna of Austria. (Different sources give different dates of her life)
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