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Victor Vasnetsov

After Prince Igor's Battle with the Polovtsy.

1880. Oil on canvas. The Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia. Read Note.

Victor Vasnetsov. After Prince Igor's Battle with the Polovtsy.

After Prince Igor’s Battle with the Polovtsy. The subject is from Russian history, a military campaign of Prince Igor Svyatoslavovich, Prince of Seversk, against the Russia's southern neighbors,  the Polovtsy. The small military campaign, there were many of such between Russia and its south neighbors, remained immortalized thanks to the poem by an unknown bayan (poet). The poem, which survived till our days and is considered to be the oldest literary work in Russian, criticized the quarrels among the Russian princes and their military adventures, which brought only grief to the Russian people.
The theme was the subject of the opera by Alexander Borodin Prince Igor