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Sir Anthony van Dyck

Queen Henrietta Maria.

1635. Oil on canvas. Private Collection, New York, USA. Read Note.

Anthony van Dyck. Queen Henrietta Maria.

Henrietta Maria (1609-1669) queen consort of Charles I of Great Britain, the youngest daughter of Henri IV of France and Marie de Medici. She was married to Charles I in 1625. She was extremely unpopular in England due to her Roman Catholic beliefs and her numerous French attendants. In February 1642, under threat of impeachment, she fled to Holland and raised funds for the royalist cause. In 1643, she came back to England and on the 3rd of 1644 she was separated from Charles for the last time. At Exter, on June 16, 1644 she gave birth to her youngest daughter Henrietta Anne and a fortnight later she was compelled to flee to France. After the restoration she visited England twice in 1660-1661 and 1662-1665.
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Anthony van Dyck. Charles I and Queen Henrietta Maria with Charles, Prince of Wales and Princess Mary.