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Sir Anthony van Dyck

Cardinal Bentivoglio.

1622-1623. Oil on canvas. Pitti Gallery, Florence, Italy. Read Note.

Anthony van Dyck. Cardinal Bentivoglio.

Guido Bentivoglio (1579-1644) studied at Padua, went to Rome and was subsequently sent by Paul V as nuncio to Flanders (1607) and France (1617). He successfully settled the differences that arose between Catholics and Huguenots, was created cardinal in 1621, and appointed by King Louis XII protector of French interests at Rome. He held the latter position until 1641. He was the most trusted friend of Pope Urban VIII and would undoubtedly have become his successor, had he not died during the conclave. He left several historical works, dealing chiefly with affairs in Flanders and France. This portrait by van Dyck Cardinal Bentivoglio commissioned himself