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Vasily Tropinin

Portrait of the Prince P. I. Bagration.

1815. Oil on canvas. The History Museum, Moscow, Russia. Read Note.

. Portrait of the Prince P. I. Bagration.

Prince Peter Bagrateon (1765-1812) is a prominent Russian commander, hero of the Napoleonic Wars. He was a descendant of the House of Bagratidae, an old ruling family of Georgia. He entered military service in 1782. He took part in the war against Turks (1787-1892), in the battles with France in Trebia and Novi, battle at St. Gottard under the command of Alexander Suvorov, the great Russian commander, who was Bagrateon's teacher. He held Napolean's general Murat in a rearguard action at Schongraben. He fought at Austerlitz, Eylau, Friedland. At the Battle of Borodino he commanded the 2nd Western Army. During the battle he was mortally wounded