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St. Ursula

        St. Ursula (and the eleven thousand virgins) was the daughter of a British Christian king betrothed to a pagan prince. Wishing to preserve her virginity, she obtained a three-year postponement, which she spent cruising on ship, according to legend: accompanied by ten noblewomen virgin companions, each occupying a ship with a thousand virgin handmaids. A storm blew them to the mouth of the Rhine, after what they sailed to Cologne and set out on a pilgrimage to Rome, where they met the Pope, Cyriacus. They sailed on to Basel and then returned to Cologne, where they were all martyred by the Huns for their Christianity after Ursula refused to marry their leader. The leader of the Huns allegedly shot Ursula dead with an arrow.
 Various sources claim that the actual number of virgins accompanying St. Ursula was between three and ten. Theories of where the eleven thousand came from include the possible misreading of the abbreviation “XI M.V.”, supposedly standing for “eleven martyred virgins” (“undecim martyres virgines”), as “eleven thousand virgins” (“undecim millia virgines”). Ursula’s feast day is October 21, but is no longer listed in the universal calendar since 1969 after the Roman reform of the calendar.

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By Sergey Mataev and Olga Mataev
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The Oxford Dictionary of Saints (Oxford Paperback Reference) by David Hugh Farmer. Oxford University Press, 2003.

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