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St. Stephen

St. Stephen's story is told in the Acts of the Apostles (6;7:55-60). Accused of speaking blasphemous words against the God of Moses, he was taken before the Sanhedrin. His accusers, incensed at hearing him assert that he saw "the heavens opened, and the Son of man standing on the right hand of God" (7:56), expel him from the town and stone him. Stephen is always depicted as a young man without a beard. He wears the deacon's dalmatic and stole and holds Gospels in his hands. He also carries - in his hands, balanced on his head or placed on a book - one or more stones alluding to his death.
See: Fra Angelico. Ordination of St. Stephen by St. Peter. St. Stephen Preaching.
Vittore Carpaccio. Life of St. Stephen: St. Stephen Disputing. The Ordination of St. Stephen as Deacon.
Domenico Ghirlandaio St. Stephen.
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Rembrandt. The Martyrdom of St. Stephen.

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