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St. Matthew

        St. Matthew (apostle), born as Levi son of Alphaeus (Gospel by St. Mark), is traditionally believed to be the author of the first Gospel. Before his vocation he was a tax collector in Capharnaum. After the scattering of the apostles, St. Matthew preached in Ethiopia. There he unmasked two magicians, who were worshiped as gods, triumphed over the magicians' dragons and resurrected the daughter of King Hegesippus, who was thus converted. He was executed for protesting against the marriage of King Hirtiacus with his niece Iphigenia, by beheading, burning at the stake or stoning. Matthew is the patron saint of bankers and tax officials.
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Benozzo Gozzoli. St.Matthew. The Four Evangelists.
Jan Sanders van Hemessen. Jesus Summons Matthew to Leave the Tax Office.
Jacob Jordaens. The Four Evangelists.
Georges de La Tour. St. Matthew.
Pontormo. St. Matthew the Evangelist.
Nicolas Poussin. Landscape with St. Matthew.
Rembrandt. St. Mathew and Angel.

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