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St. Mark

St. Mark, the favorite disciple of Peter, composed the second and shortest of the Gospels. Peter sent Mark to Egypt, where he became the first bishop of Alexandria. At Alexandria in 67 he was seized at the altar as he was celebrating Mass and martyred. As he was dragged through the streets on a rope and battered almost to death with a club, he passed on before his executioners had the time to stone him. A miraculous rain extinguished the pyre on which his body was to be burnt up. His corpse was buried in Alexandria, but purloined by the Venetians in 829. He is patron of Venice.
The main attributes of St. Mark in fine art are lion (often winged), quill or pen with other writing instruments, scroll of parchment or book.
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Titian St. Mark Enthroned with Saints.
St. Mark Enthroned with Saints. St. Mark, Venice's patron saint, is on a high throne. In front of him are Saints Roch and Sebastian, on the right, and St. Cosmas and Damian on the left. These were the saints to whom pleas for a quick end to the plaque would be addressed as well as prayers of gratitude for the protection they give to the city.

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