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St. Luke

St. Luke. The compiler of the third Gospel, the Acts of Apostles and Paul's companion "Luke the physician" is traditionally identified as the same person. A legend presents Luke as the painter of a number of icons of the Virgin. He is given the status of the painter par excellence, able to capture even the Virgin on canvas. Luke has been the patron saint of various painters guilds since the XV century. Luke is also the patron saints of doctors. Luke is often depicted writing his Gospel, a lying or kneeling ox serves as his desk. Also he is depicted painting the Virgin.
See: Agnolo Bronzino. St. Luke.
Giusto de' Menabuoi. St Luke. Corner fresco.
El Greco. St. Luke.
Jan Gossaert. St. Lucas Painting Madonna.
Benozzo Gozzoli. St. Luke.The Four Evangelists.
Maerten Jacobsz van Heemskerch. St. Luke Painting the Virgin.
Jacob Jordaens. The Four Evangelists.
Pontormo. St. Luke the Evangelist.
Rogier van der Weyden St. Luke Drawing a Portrait of the Virgin Mary, known as St. Luke Madonna.

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