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St. Julian

        St. Julian was a legendary saint. Once while hunting he caught a stag, who foretold that he would kill his parents. Horrified Julian left his parents’ house. In another land he became a knight and married a rich widow. Julian’s parents, not knowing the reason of their son’s disappearance searched for him everywhere and once came to his castle. Julian was absent, and his wife welcomed his parents and gave them the best bedroom (Julian’s and hers) to sleep in. Julian returned at night and founding two people in his bed thought that it was his unfaithful wife with her lover. He slaughtered them both. After discovering his mistake he became a hermit; he settled on a river bank and helped people to cross it. Once a poor traveler asked for help. Julian gave him hospitality, fed him and warmed him. After that the traveler, who was Christ himself, told him that his sin was forgiven.
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