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St. Jerome

St. Jerome (or St. Hieronymus) with Ambrose, Augustine and Gregory is one of the four Latin Doctors of the Church. Born in Dalmatia around A.D. 340, he came to Rome to learn Greek and Latin, there he was baptized and traveled to Holy Land. He retired to the Syrian Desert for 3 years. Returning to Rome in 382, he got acquainted with Pope Damasus, who persuaded him to make Latin translations of Hebrew and Greek manuscripts. Jerome dedicated the rest of his life to this substantial task, first in Rome, then in Palestine. He finished his translation after years of colossal work and died in Bethlehem in 420. His translation has been revised and supplemented more than once, but is recognized by the Roman Catholic Church as the official version of the Bible.
The legend embellished Jerome’s life as a hermit and scholar; the fantastic are included, such as the temptation, to which he was subjected in the desert, his visions, and his lion, which he had tamed by removing a thorn from its paw. In fine arts he is depicted with Bible, accompanied by a lion.
See: Albrecht Altdorfer The Penitence of St. Jerome.
Antonello da Messina. St. Jerome in His Study. St. Jerome Praying.
Fra Bartolommeo The Annunciation, with Saints Margaret, Mary Magdalene, Paul, John the Baptist, Jerome and Francis.
Giovanni Bellini. St. Jerome in the Desert. St. Jerome Reading. St. Christopher, St. Jerome, and St. Louis.
Hieronymus Bosch St. Jerome, St. Jerome at Prayer.
Alessandro Botticelli Coronation of the Virgin with the Saints John the Evangelist, Augustine, Jerome and Eligius. (San Marco altarpiece); Lamentation over the Dead Christ with the Saints Jerome, Paul and Peter; Last Communion of St. Jerome, St. Jerome.
Agnolo Bronzino. St. Jerome in Penitence.
Caravaggio St. Jerome, St. Jerome.
Vittore Carpaccio. Funeral of St. Jerome. Life of St. Jerome: Vision of St. Augustine. St. Jerome Leads the Lion into the Monastery.
Andrea del Castagno. The Vision of St. Jerome. Madonna and Child with Angels, SS. John the Baptist and Jerome, and Two Youths from the Pazzi Household.
Cima da Conegliano. St. Jerome in the Desert, St. Jerome in the Wilderness.
Albrecht Dürer St. Jerome in the Wilderness, St. Jerome in His Study, St. Jerome.
Anthony van Dyck St. Jerome.
Francesco Fontebasso. St. Jerome's Vision of the Virgin.
Domenico Ghirlandaio St. Jerome.
Giotto. Vault of the Doctors of the Church, St. Jerome.
Jan Gossaert. St. Jerome Penitent.
Benozzo Gozzoli. St. Jerome Pulling a Thorn from a Lion's Paw. The Departure of St. Jerome from Antioch.
El Greco St. Jerome.St. Jerome as Cardinal.
Georges de La Tour. St. Jerome Reading, Repenting of St. Jerome, Repenting of St. Jerome, St. Jerome Reading, St. Jerome Reading.
Leonardo da Vinci St. Hieronymus
Fra Filippo Lippi The Adoration with St. Joseph, St. Jerome, Mary Magdalene and St. Ilarion.
Lorenzo Lotto St. Jerome in the Desert, St. Jerome in the Desert, Madonna and Child with St. Jerome, St. Joseph and St. Anne.
Masaccio St. Jerome and St. Augustine.
Joahim Patinir. Landscape with St. Jerome. St. Jerome in the Desert.
Pietro Perugino. St. Jerome Supporting Two Men on the Gallows, St. Jerome in the Wilderness.
Piero della Francesca. St. Jerome Penitent. St. Jerome and a Donor.
Pontormo. The Penitence of St. Jerome.
Nicolas Poussin Landscape with St. Jerome.
Raphael Madonna with the Christ Child Blessing and St. Jerome and St. Francis (Von der Ropp Madonna).
Jusepe de Ribera. St. Jerome Hears the Trumpet, St. Jerome and the Angel of Judgment.
Peter Paul Rubens St. Jerome. St. Jerome in His Hermitage.
Luca Signorelli. SS. Catherine of Siena, Mary Magdalene and Jerome.
Jacopo Robusti, called Tintoretto. Saint Jerome in the Wilderness.
Paolo Veronese. Saint Jerome in the Wilderness.
Rogier van der Weyden St. Jerome, Sforza Triptych. St. Jerome and St. George.

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