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St. Isidore

        St. Isidore was born to a Roman family in the VI century, the younger brother of St. Fulgentius, St. Florentina, and St. Leander, who raised him after their father's death. Isidore played a very important part in the development of the medieval culture, comparable with the role of St. Augustin.
His activities were closely related to those of St. Leander, whom he eventually succeeded to the office of archbishop of Seville. One of the most learned men of his time and prolific writer, St. Isidore left many works, including a rule for religious orders, a dictionary, an encyclopedia, a history of Goths and a history of the world beginning with creation. Person of great passion, energy and devotion, he converted the leader of the Arians, completed the Mozarabic liturgy which is still in use in Toledo, Spain, presided at the Second Council of Seville, and the Fourth Council of Toledo. He was proclaimed Doctor of the Church by Pope Benedict XIV in 1722, and patron of computer users and the Internet in 1999. Saint patron of computer technicians, computer users, computers, the Internet, schoolchildren, students.
See: Bartolomé Esteban Murillo St. Isidore.

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