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St. George

St. George, born in Cappadocia to a Christian family, entered the Roman army. Once he was traveling through a city terrorized by a dragon, which had devoured all the cattle and now was eating people. George arrived at the moment when the dragon was about to swallow the king’s daughter, princess Sabra. With the help of Christ George overcame the dragon and, according to one version, killed him, according to another, tamed and put on leash. Later George fell the victim of Diocletian’s persecutions and was martyred: after surviving being burnt, boiled and crushed under a wheel, he was beheaded. His cult was born in the east and remains particularly strong in Greece and Russia. Thanks to crusaders his cult spread in the west, where St. George became one of the patron saints of Genoa, Venice and Barcelona, as well as that of England and of Teutonic Order. St. George was also the patron of all Christian knights.
See: Albrecht Altdorfer St. George.
Altichiero da Zevio. The Beheading of St. George. The Martyrdom of St. George.
Hans Baldung The Three Kings Altarpiece.

Giovanni Bellini. Pesaro Altarpiece. Predella: St. George Fights the Dragon.
Sir Edward Burne-Jones St. George and the Dragon, Princess Sabra (The King's Daughter).
Vittore Carpaccio. St. George and the Dragon. Triumph of St. George.
Correggio Madonna and Child with St. George.
Lucas Cranach the Elder. St. George.
Gentile da Fabriano. St. Mary Magdalene, St. Nicholas of Bari, St. John the Baptist, St. George.
Andrea Mantegna. St. George.
Hans Memling The Virgin and Child with an Angel, St. George and a Donor.
Mikhail Nesterov St. George and Dragon.
Raphael St. George; St. George and the Dragon.
Dante Gabriel Rossetti The Wedding of St. George and the Princess Sabra.
Peter Paul Rubens St. George and the Dragon.
Russian Icon. St. George. St. George and the Dragon. St. George on Foot.
Jacopo Robusti, called Tintoretto. Saint George, Saint Louis, and the PrincessSaint George, the Princess and the Dragon. St.George and the Dragon.
Cosme Tura. St. George and the Dragon.
Paolo Uccello. St. George and the Dragon.
Rogier van der Weyden St. George and the Dragon, Sforza Triptych. St. Jerome and St. George.

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