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St. Eligius

        St. Eligius was born in Limousin. He started life as a goldsmith, and thanks to his talent was taken to the court of Clotar II, Merovingian King, eventually he became the king's  treasurer. Dagobert, who succeeded Clotar II in 629, took Eligius into service as his chief counselor and entrusted him with many missions. At Dogobert’s death, in 639, Eligius became a priest, then bishop of Nayon. He spent the last 20 years of his life administering his parish, one of the largest in the Kingdom, devoting himself to the poor and freeing slaves.
       St. Eligius is the patron saint of goldsmiths and blacksmiths; saint protector of  horse and patron of all equestrian crafts. In fine arts he is depicted as a bishop with mitre and crosier; as a goldsmith, with a chalice or a piece of gold work; as a blacksmith with pincers, hammer, anvil or horseshoe.
See: Botticelli Coronation of the Virgin with the Saints John the Evangelist, Augustine, Jerome and Eligius. (San Marco altarpiece).
Petrus Christus St. Eligius, as a Goldsmith, Hands the Wedding Couple a Ring.

Recommended reading:
Lives of the Saints: From Mary and Francis of Assisi to John XXIII and Mother Teresa by Richard McBrien (Author). Harper SanFrancisco, 2001.

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