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St. Dominic

St. Dominic was the founder of the Dominican Order. Domingo Guzman (1170-1221) was born in Castile. At an early age he became canon of Osma Cathedral and accompanied his bishop to Languedoc to join the Cistercians in their efforts to convert the heretical Albigenstans. At the death of the bishop in 1207, Dominic became prior of the mission, preaching ceaselessly, living a simple life among the laymen and surrounded by a few companions with whom he prayed, studied and made penance. Dominic's apostolate failed, but in 1215 he travelled to the Lateran Council in Rome and the following year obtained approval from Pope Innocent III to found an order of Friar preachers.
        St. Dominic is nearly always depicted wearing the white robes and black cope of Dominican habit.
See: Alessandro Botticelli St. Dominic.
Cimabue Madonna and Child Enthroned with Two Angels and St. Francis and St. Dominic.
Fra Angelico. Madonna with Angels and the Saints Dominic and Catherine.
El Greco. St. Dominic in Prayer.
Domenico and David Ghirlandaio and Bartolomeo di Giovanni Madonna and Child Enthroned with Two Angels, St. Dionysius the Aereopagite and St. Dominic, Pope Clement and St. Thomas Aquinas.

Lorenzo Lotto St. Dominic Polyptych.
Hans Memling The Virgin and Child between St. James and St. Dominic.
Cosme Tura. St. Dominic.

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