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St. Cecilia

St. Cecilia lived in the 2nd or 3rd century A.D. A young girl of noble origin, she was betrothed to a noble Roman, Valerius. She converted him to Christianity and persuaded both him and his brother to be baptized. She then refused to undergo pagan rituals and was sentenced to death. She managed to survive the first torture, then the torturers tried to behead her, but only managed to mutilate her and she lasted for 3 days before dying.
Since the 16th century Cecilia has been known as the patron of musicians. In fine art she is often depicted with a musical instrument.
Feast day: 22 November.

See: Nicolas Poussin St. Cecilia.
Raphael St. Cecilia with Saints.
Sir Joshua Reynolds. St Cecillia.
Peter Paul Rubens St. Cecilia.

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