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St. Catherine of Siena

St. Catherine of Siena, (c. 1333/1347-1380), entered the Third Order of the Dominicans at the age of 16. She was both an ascetic and a mystic and soon attracted a number of followers, both men and women. Catherine tried to express her ideals in her Dialogue and in her letters, which were all dictated by her, because she never learnt to write.
She received stigmata (holy marks similar to those of the five wounds of Christ Crucified) in 1375 while she was working on ecclesiastical peace during the Avignon papacy.
Later she was sent as an ambassadress from Italy to Avignon, where she managed to convince Pope Gregory IX to return to Rome. Catherine worked much to repair the damage to the church done by its division.
Catherine was canonized in 1461 by the Sienese Pope Pius III. In 1970 she was declared a Doctor of the Church.
She is the patron saint of Siena and Italy, the second patron of Rome.
Feast day: 29 April.

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