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St. Bernard

St. Bernard (c.1090-1153) with a group of monks founded the monastery of Clairvaux, which he directed until his death. He played an essential part in developing the cult of the Virgin, toward whom his devotion was particularly strong.
A reforming prelate, a theologian, and author of numerous books, an abbot who rejected both wealth and images, St. Bernard is the most important ecclesiastical figure of the 12th century. His authority was recognized in all Christendom, and he was very often an arbiter between opposing faction in their disputes.
In fine art he is depicted in a white habit; some other attributes, illustrating different episodes of his life, such as a white dog, a chained demon, a book, a mitre on the ground, a beehive or a swam of bees can also be present.
St. Bernard's cult began unofficially during his lifetime. He was formally canonized in 1174 and nominated a Doctor of the Church in 1830.
Feast day: 20 August.

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