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John Singer Sargent

Paul Helleu Sketching His Wife Alice.

1889. Oil on canvas. The Brooklyn Museum, New York, NY, USA. Read Note.

John Singer Sargent. Paul Helleu Sketching His Wife Alice.

Paul César Helleu (1859-1927) French painter and close friend of Sargent. “They (Sargent and Helleu) were constant companions, going everywhere together, having their meals together, seeing each other every day. They shared similar tastes in dress; Helleu also disliked the popular relaxed fashion of his fellow-students, and refused to wear the generous velvet trousers, tight at the ankles, the flowing silk cravats, the soft felt hats. Both Helleu and John were noted for his disdain and for their distinguished appearance; they might easily have been brothers.” (John Singer Sargent. His Portrait. by Stanley Olson. Macmillan London Ltd. 1986. p 63)