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            Solomon, the sixth son of King David and Bathsheba, who had him blessed by David and chosen as successor to the throne. Famous for his wisdom, built the Temple in Jerusalem. In fine arts the following episodes are often present:
The Judgment of Solomon (The First Book of Kings 3:16-28): two women living in one house gave birth to children, one of the infants died and his mother claimed the baby of the other woman. They came to Solomon asking to decide to whom the child belonged. Solomon asked for a sword, announcing that he would divide the child into two parts for both of them, immediately the real mother cried out not to kill a child but to give him to her opponent. Solomon realized that she was the real mother.
See: Ferdinand Bol. David's Dying Charge to Solomon.
Nikolay Gay The Judgment of King Solomon.
Giorgione The Judgment of Solomon.
Nicolas Poussin The Judgment of Solomon.
Raphael The Judgment of Solomon; The Judgment of Solomon.
Solomon and Queen Sheba. The visit of the queen of Sheba is described in The First Book of Kings 10:1-13. The fame of Solomon's wisdom reached the queen and she came to see and test him. Solomon paid her honors and answered all her many questions. When the queen of Sheba observed all his wisdom, she was overcome with amazement and said: “Blessed be the Lord your God who has delighted in you and has set you on the throne of Israel; because he loves Israel unendingly, he has made you king to maintain law and justice.”(1 Kings 10:10). She presented the king with gold and precious stones, and prized wood.
The homage paid to Solomon by the queen is seen as heralding the Adoration of the Magi.
See: Hans Holbein Solomon Receiving the Homage of the Queen of Sheba.
Konrad Witz The Queen of Sheba before Solomon.

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