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Peter Paul Rubens

Fall of the Rebel Angels.

1618-1620. Oil on canvas. Alte Pinakothek, Munich, Germany. Read Note.

Peter Paul Rubens. Fall of the Rebel Angels.

The Fall of the Rebel Angels. In Christian belief, before the creation of man, one of archangels, Lucifer, backed by some angels, rebelled against God and was driven by Him into Hell, where they remain under the names of Satan and the devils (or demons, evil spirits) enemies of God and active promoters of evil.  In Medieval art Satan and devils are often depicted as monsters, dragons, and beasts. Since th early Renaissance the artists depict the devil as the classical Satyr with horns and hoofs, which signifies that paganism was enemy of the Church. Satan likes to disguise as a monk, or a lord, but betrays himself by a hoof or claw. Satan constantly fights against God over souls of men. The main business of devils is to seduce mankind