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Fedor Rokotov

Portrait of the Poet V. I. Maykov.

1760s. Oil on canvas. The Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia. Read Note.

Fedor Rokotov. Portrait of the Poet  V. I. Maykov.

Maykov, Vasily Ivanovich  (1728-1778), Russian poet, was the son of a nobleman. At the age of 19 he entered military service in 1747 and in 1761 resigned. Afterwards he settled in Moscow, where he joined literary circles and published his first verses. In 1766-1768, he was a Deputy Governor of Moscow, then moved to St. Petersburg, where he held high positions in the government. He continued publishing his works: poems, fables, odes, plays, which were very popular in society. His poem Elysey, or Annoyed Bacchus earned him fame