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Sir Joshua Reynolds

Charles Burney.

1781. Oil on canvas. 74 x 61 cm. National Portrait Gallery, London, UK. Read Note.

Sir Joshua Reynolds. Charles Burney.

Charles Burney (1726-1814), Musician and historian of music, the author of the monumental A General History of Music, (1776-89). Burney's portrait was painted by Reynolds in 1781 for Henry Thrale's library. His eldest son, James (1750-1821), became a distinguished officer in the royal navy, he sailed with Captain James Cook on his second and third voyages, and died a rear-admiral in 1821. His second son was the Rev. Charles Burney. His second daughter was Frances or Fanny (1752-1840), later Madame D'Arblay, a novelist and diarist who in her sharp, satirical portrayals of English society, anticipated Jane Austen. A life of Burney by Madame D'Arblay appeared in 1832