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Sir Joshua Reynolds

Dorothy, Countess of Lisburne.

. Oil on canvas. 127 x 101 cm. Private collection. Read Note.

Sir Joshua Reynolds. Dorothy, Countess  of Lisburne.

Portrait of Dorothy, Countess of Lisburne, née Shafto, eldest daughter of John Shafto of Whitworth, county Durham. She married the Hon. Wilmpt Vaugham (1729-1800), as his second wife, on April 19, 1763. Her husband succeeded to the title of 4th Viscount Lisburne in 1766 and was created the 1st Earl of Lisburne in 1776.

Dorothy's brother, Robert Shafto (1732-1797), MP for County Durham from 1760 to 1768, was a man of fashion who married two heiresses in turn. His charm and extravagance were celebrated in the popular nursery rhyme "Bobby Shafto":

Bobby Shafto’s gone to sea,
With silver buckles on his knee;
He’ll come back and marry me,
Bonny Bobby Shafto!
Bobby Shafto’s fat and fair,
Combing down his yellow hair;
He’s my love for evermore,
Bonny Bobby Shafto.

Robert Shafto (d.1780) (portrait by Reynolds), the eldest son of Robert Shafto of Benwell (d.1735) is NOT Bonny Bobby Shafto.
See: Sir Joshua Reynolds. Robert Shafto.