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Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Madame Charpentier with Her Children.

1878. Oil on canvas. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY, USA. Read Note.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Madame Charpentier  with Her Children.

Charpentier, George (1846-1905) publisher and art collector. The Salon of Charpentier and his wife Marguerite, née Lemonnier, daughter of a court jeweler, Gabriel Lemonnier, became a meeting place for Naturalist poets, Impressionist painters and socialist politicians. They supported Renoir and other Impressionists through exhibitions on the premises of their magazine “La vie moderne”. Renoir painted several portraits of their family members. On  Mme Charpentier and Her Children the family is in the small, or Japanese, drawing room of their mansion. Marguerite is with her three-year-old son, Paul, whose godfather was Emile Zola, celebrated French writer, and her six-year-old daughter, Georgette, who sits on a big Newfoundland dog.
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Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Madame Charpentier.