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Carel Fabritius Portrait
Carel Fabritius was Rembrandt’s most outstanding pupil: he was a brilliant experimental artist whose exceptional reputation rests on a handful of surviving paintings. Carel was born to the family of a village schoolmaster and amateur artist, who himself gave his son the first lessons in drawing and painting. Between 1641 and 1643 Carel worked in Rembrandt’s workshop in Amsterdam. His earliest known painting The Raising of Lazarus reveals his careful study of his master’s The Night Watch.
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Carel Fabritius. The Goldfinch. The Goldfinch. 1634. Oil on panel. Mauritshuis, the Hague, Netherlands.
Carel Fabritius. Self-Portrait. Self-Portrait. c. 1645. Oil on wood. Museum Boymans-van Beuningen, Rotterdam, Netherlands.
Carel Fabritius. View of Delft with
 a Musical Instrument Seller's Stall. View of Delft with a Musical Instrument Seller's Stall. 1652. Oil on canvas. National Gallery, London, UK.
Carel Fabritius. The Watchman. The Watchman. 1654. Oil on canvas. Art Museum of Schwerin, Schwerin, Germany.