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Alexander Orlowski

Portrait of Petr Shalikov.

1809. Pencil and sanguine on paper. 24.6 x 18.8 cm. Irkutsk Art Museum, Irkutsk, Russia. Read Note.

Alexander Orlowski. Portrait of Petr Shalikov.

Shalikov, Petr Ivanovich (1768-1852) poet, imitator of N.M. Karamsin, translator, journalist, in 1823-1833 published  Damsky Journal (magazine for ladies), editor of Moskovsky Vedomosti (1813-1838). Acquaintance of A. Pushkin, who treated his poetry ironically, but respected him as a person. Shalikov was married to A. F. von Leysnau  and had two daughters, one of them N. P. Shalikova (1816-1975) became a writer