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Psyche – a beautiful girl, whom Eros fell in love with and married. He had to hide her from his mother Aphrodite, who was jealous of and vindictive to beautiful women. Jealousy, vindictiveness, and fear of people and gods brought on poor Psyche a lot of mishaps. The end of the story, however, is happy – Zeus granted Eros his permission to marry the mortal Psyche, and Psyche was reconciled with Aphrodite.

See: William-Adolphe Bouguereau. The Abduction of Psyche.
Sir Edward Burne-Jones Cupid Delivering Psyche.
Jean-Honoré Fragonard. Psyche Showing Her Sisters Her Gifts from Cupid.
Maurice Denis. The Story of Psyche.
Anthony van Dyck Cupid and Psyche.
François-Pascal-Simon Gérard. Amour and Psyche, also known as Psyche Receiving Her First Kiss of Love
Frederick Leighton. The Bath of Psyche.

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