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Meleager, the son of Oeneus, King of Aetolians of Calydon (on other versions, of Ares) and of Althaea, a sister of Leda. Meleager was the hero of the Calydonian boar-hunt. The goddess Artemis, offended that Oeneus had forgotten her during annual harvest sacrifice to gods, sent against Calydon an enormous boar and prescribed as punishment that the boar should strike men and livestock dead and prevent the fields from being sown. Meleager organized heroes from all Greece, among them were the Dioscuri, Theseus, Jason, and many others. There was also Atalanta, whom Meleager was in love with. The hunt was with many accidents, which not all the heroes survived, but at last the hunters managed to kill the boar.
See: Nicolas Poussin Meleager's Hunt.

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