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Flora, the Roman goddess of flowers and spring (corresponds to the Greek Nymph Chloris). One spring Zephyr, the god of wind, saw her and fell in love, he carried her away, married, and granted her domain over flowers. She made some gifts to mankind, such as honey and seeds of countless varieties of flowers.
See: Arcimboldo Flora, Alessandro Botticelli Primavera. Titian Flora.
Flora also had a very special garden, inhabited by the mythological figures, who were transformed into plants: Ajax, who after throwing himself on his sword, became a larkspur; Narcissus, who always stares at his own reflection, and who became the flower with the same name; Clytie, who became a sunflower, and always follows the movement of the Sun’s chariot; Hyacinthus, Apollo’s lover, Adonis, Venus’ lover, who became flowers after their death; and many others. In spring Flora celebrated her triumph: she drove a chariot and the above mentioned characters took part in the triumphal procession.
See: Nicolas Poussin. The Triumph of Flora, The Garden of Flora.

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