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Dionysus (Bacchus)

Dionysus (Roman name Bacchus), Greek Olympian god of vine, wine and mystic ecstasy. Orgies in favor of Bacchus are bacchanals. According to classical mythology, the god’s favorite island was Andros, where rivers ran with wine instead of water. The Greek city of Amphissa, or Salona, was also a center for the cult of Dionysus.
See: Alma-Tadema The Woman of Amphissa. Here a group of exhausted female bacchantes are waking up after a night of bacchic revels, and being tended by local women.
Giovanni Bellini. The Infant Bacchus.
François Boucher. Mercury Confiding the Infant Bacchus to the Nymphs.
Feodor Bruni Bacchante Giving Wine to Cupid.
Caravaggio Self-Portrait as Sick Bacchus, Bacchus.
Michelangelo Bacchus.
Nicolas Poussin. Andrians or The Great Bacchanal with Woman Playing a Lute, Bacchanal.
Peter Paul Rubens Bacchanalia.
Henryk Siemiradzki. Bacchanalia.
Titian Bacchanals of Andrians. Bacchus and Ariadne.
Diego Velázquez. Bachus.
Paolo Veronese. Bacchus Giving Wine to Men.

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