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Arachne was a Lydian girl famous for her excellent weaving and embroidery. The tapestries she designed were so beautiful that the Nymphs used to come to admire them. Everyone thought that Arachne received her skill as a gift from Athena, the patron of spinners and embroiderers. But Arachne refused to attribute her talent to anyone but herself and challenged the goddess to a contest. Athena accepted the challenge. Arachne made the perfect work, but the theme of her tapestry was insulting for the gods. Athena, outraged with the mortal’s skill and impudent behavior, struck Arachne with a shuttle and turned her into a spider, which spins and weaves until it has no more thread.
See: Diego Velázquez. The Fable of Arachne (Las Hilanderas).
Paolo Veronese. Arachne or Dialectics.
Jacopo Robusti, called Tintoretto. Athena and Arachne.

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