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Adonis  - the most generally accepted version of the legend about Adonis is as follows. Myrrha, a daughter of Theias, King of Syria, was impelled by the wrath of Aphrodite (Venus) to commit incest with her father. By deceive she managed to spent with him 12 nights. When Theias realized the situation he wanted to kill his daughter, armed with knife he pursued her. Myrrha put herself under the protection of the gods, who changed her into a myrrh tree. 10 months later the bark of the tree rose and burst open and a child emerged, who was called Adonis.
See: Titian Birth of Adonis.
When Adonis was grown up Aphrodite (Venus) fell in love with him. Her love was not enough to stop him from his favorite pastime, hunting. During a hunt he was gored to death by boar.
See: Titian Venus and Adonis.
Paolo Veronese. Venus and Adonis.
Aphrodite hurried to the assistance of her wounded lover, she pricked her foot on a thorn and her blood, dropping on white roses, colored them red. And where the oozing blood of the wounded Adonis fell, appeared the flowers Anemones.
See: Nicolas Poussin. Venus Lamenting over Adonis.

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