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Edvard Munch

Stanislaw Przybyszewski.

1895. Tempera on canvas. 75 x 60 cm. Munch Museum, Oslo, Norway. Read Note.

Edvard Munch. Stanislaw Przybyszewski.

Stanislaw Przybyszewski (1868-1927) was a Polish writer, poet, essayist and playwright. He received his education in Germany, graduating a gymnasium in Torun (then part of Germany, but presently Poland) and studying medicine and architecture in Berlin. He became caught up in the mainly North European Expressionist movement and became one of its most prominent spokesmen with his dramatic and provocative essays. In 1893, he married the Norwegian writer Dagny Juel. He also served as editor of the "Gazeta Robotnicza", the Berlin-based Polish-language socialist weekly, and "Zdroj", a Polish Expressionist magazine. After Poland gained its independence in 1919, Przybyszewski went to work for the newly-formed government.
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