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Andrey Matveev Biography

Andrey Matveev Portrait

Andrey Matveev's gift for painting was first noted by Peter the Great and in 1716 he was sent to Holland and Flanders to study art. He spent 11 years there and was the first Russian painter educated exclusively in Europe. On his return to Russia, he became the leading painter of St. Petersburg and took part in all important architectural projects. It is believed that hard work was the reason for his early death in 1739, at the age of 37. Only several of his works survived and the most notable are Allegory of Painting (1725), Self Portrait with Wife(1729), Portrait of the Princess A. P. Golitzina (1728), Portrait of the Physician Ioann Azaretti (1728-1729). Also the wall paintings in several historical buildings in St. Petersburg are attributed to Matveev.


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