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Edouard Manet

The Railway.

1873. Oil on canvas. The National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC, USA. Read Note.

Edouard Manet. The Railway.

Meurent, Victorine Louise (1844-1885) was Manet’s favorite model in the 1860s, posing for such important works as The Picnic and Olympia. She went to America in mysterious circumstances in the 1860s and then returned to France, serving again as Manet’s model in the early 1870s, e.g. in The Railway. She became a painter herself, exhibiting a self-portrait at the 1876 Salon when Manet’s submission was rejected, and in the 1879 Salon her entry was in the same room as Manet’s. (The Street Singer). She probably died an alcoholic, in poverty.
See: Edouard Manet. Mlle Victorine Meurent in the Costume of an Espada. Portrait of Victorine Meurent. The Picnic ("Le Déjeuner sur l'Herbe"). Olympia. The Railway.