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Edouard Manet

Portrait of Théodore Duret.

1868. Oil on canvas. Musée du Petit Palais, Paris, France. Read Note.

Edouard Manet. Portrait of Théodore  Duret.

Duret, Théodore (1838-1927) - a businessman, later a journalist and art critic, met Manet in Madrid in the late summer of 1865. In 1867, Duret published Les Peintres français en 1867, in which he discussed Manet’s work. Manet presented him with this portrait as an expression of gratitude. In 1868, he founded a republican newspaper with Zola and others. In 1870 he published his first Salon report in which he spoke about the Impressionists. In 1871, he was a deputy mayor of his region under Paris Commune and narrowly escaped being shot. Since 1872, he actively helped the Impressionists, collected their paintings. Manet introduced Whistler to Duret in 1880. The Portrait of Théodore Duret by Whistler is considered one of the best works of the artist. Duret posed in an evening dress, at Whistler’s request, over a period of several months. Duret owned several of Whistler’s paintings, and published a number of influential articles on him, as well as a 1904 monograph.
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