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George Gordon, Lord Byron


George Gordon, Lord Byron (1788-1824) outstanding British poet; sixth baron, son of Captain John Byron and his second wife Catherine Gordon of Gight.
The Death of Sardanapalus, is a poetic drama about a hedonistic Assyrian king Sardanapalus who ordered all of his prized possessions destroyed with him on his funeral pyre.
See: Eugène Delacroix The Death of Sardanapalus.
Don Juan, is an epic satire. A young Spanish nobleman Don Juan had to leave his native Seville, because of a love scandal. He launched into long adventures, which started rather unpleasantly, with a shipwreck.
See: Eugène Delacroix The Shipwreck of Don Juan.
The Bride of Abydos is a poem (1813). Pasha Giaffir plans to marry his beautiful daughter Zudeika to his ally, rich, but old, Bey of Garasman. The girl asks her brother Selim to save her from this marriage, and he takes her to his hiding place, where he reveals himself as her cousin and a pirate. Selim asks Zuleika to share his life, she falls in love with him and agrees; but her father and his soldiers find them and Selim is killed,  Zuleika dies of grief.
See: Eugène Delacroix The Bride of Abydos.

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